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Sample Texts

mi ke mai pa nu kla
mi ke mai ku pa nu kla
mi ke mai stau nu ku pa spau kla
mi ke mai stau cu bu the Eightfold Path tai spau kla
Existence is characterized by suffering and does not bring satisfaction.
The cause of suffering is desire: craving and clinging.
Through elimination of desire, suffering can be brought to an end.
The Eightfold Path is the means for ending suffering.
mi fle drau ka
mi mai ke nu ku mai mu ka nu ka
fle drau pa

mi ke mai rai cu da nu cu da
mai bu altruism tai
nu spau pa

mi ke nu mai mai sau pa
kau pa
ku nu cau pa

mi mai FLE mu da ke mai sau bu SELF tai
NU SU mu da

mi fle
mai mai sau pa kau pa cau pa

mai mi fle brau nu cu pa
mi mai fle drau nu fla ke kla
I am Here and Now;
I Accept and
I Observe.

I Choose, and
I am Altruistic and

I Don't Think,
I Don't Emote, and
I Don't Suffer Pain.

I RECOGNIZE all else as the SELF, and

It's just the
Mind, Ego, or Body.

I Listen to the Stillness, and
I Laugh at the Madness!
mi ke fu sau su nu mu fla I am the awareness only.



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