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Qtwyqp Qly


The Letters

RomanizedLetterIPAPronunciation GuideNotes
qqq[k]as "k" in "kite"
qhqhqh[x]as "ch" in German buch
ggg[g]as in "dog"
ghghgh[ɣ]as in Persian ghouda
sss[s]as in "see"
shshsh[ʃ]as in "show"
zzz[z]as in "zoo"
zhzhzh[ʒ]as "s" in "vision"
ttt[t]as in "boat"
ththth[θ]as in "math"
ddd[d]as in "dog"
dhdhdh[ð]as "th" in "that"
ppp[p]as in "pen"
phphph[f]as in "phone"
bbb[b]as in "boat"
bhbhbh[v]as "v" in "vision"
mmm[m]as in "meat"
nnn[n]as in "no"
ṅṅ[ŋ]as "ng" in "sing"
hh[h]as in "heat"
ll[l]as in "leaf"
yy[j]as in "you"when initial
[i]as in "tiny"when final
rr[ɹ]as in "row"
ww[w]as in "was"when initial
[u]as "oo" in "book"when final
aa[a]as in "father"
ee[e]as in "bet"
oo[o]as in "vote"

How to Split Words Into Syllables

The Unwritten Vowel



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