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You Know You're a Genius When...

Almost everything on my "You Know You're a Math Nerd When…" page applies to you.

You made this web page.

You're in the guiness book of world records multiple times for various mental feats.

You have a favorite publisher.

You learn 20 languages in two years.

You can do quantum physics problems in your sleep.

You could talk before you were 3 months old.

You completed your Master's Degree by age 9.

You completed your Doctorate's work by age 10.

You can teach the all the classes at your school.

You wonder: "Should I speak Latin or Sanskrit at this party?"

You are omnilingual.

You're almost onmiscient.

You make God look stupid (careful, you could go to Hell for that).

You know the meaning of life, but it's too complex to explain to a homo sapien.

You've memorized all the works of Shakesphere in thier original form.

You've memorized the Vedas in Sanskrit, but you can't remember why on Earth you did such thing. (It was probably to show off.)

English is actually your 216th language.

You know the names and functions of all 330,000,000 Hindu gods.

You understand how your brain works.

You construct a new form of life.

You're the doctor in the family; you're also the anthropologist, geologist, philosoph, mathematician, computer scientist, chemist, biologist, botanist, latimer, physicist, engineer, linguist, and professer in the family.

The encyclopedia is your favorite reading material.

The dictionary is boring to you not only because it is dry and monotonous, but because you can recite it word for word already.

You've forgotten more by age 15 than most people learn in a lifetime.



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Last Updated: 2009-05-02