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You Know Your Foreign Language Skills are Bad When…

You ask a question in a foreign tongue and the response comes in your native tongue.

You ask for eggs, but you get juice.

Your server informs you that you have just ordered the menu.

You're trying to figure out why that Laotian guy doesn't want your love afterall.

You still can't say anything in Esperanto after a month of studying it.

Your trying to speak Spanish, but it comes out Spanglish.

You've looked up the same German word more than 10 times.

You think that "belle" is French for "bell".

You find it easier to speak languages that no one else does.

All your language skills are the result of "speaking in tongues".

You rely heavily on machine language translators to communicate in the other languages you "speak".

You wonder how to neuter a noun.

Conjugation? What's that?



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Last Updated: 2009-05-02