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You Know You're a Math Nerd When…

Your nickname is "Pi-Man".

You made this web page.

You memorize pi to 1000 places.

You're in the guiness book of world records for memorizing an irrational number.

You've not only memorized pi, you've also memorized e!

You send threats to the Japanese telling them to back off in the race to calculate pi.

Your calculator's name is Lucy.

Your calculator requires 6 D-size batteries to operate.

Numbers are your only friends.

You prefer to be called by a number instead of a name.

The only time you come out of that cave you call your room is to eat.

You worship the calculator God.

You take time each day to praise all thoeroms in math ever proven, one by one.

You are planning to recite pi on your deathbed.

You have a favorite mathematician.

You are sexually attracted to numbers. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

You rewrite the bible replacing the words "God, Lord, Spirit, Jesus, Christ,…" with the word "math."

Everyday you prove one more new thoerom.

You speak the language of math in everyday life.

You've finally proven fermat's last thoerom after 350 years of hard work.

You own a copy of every math book ever written.

You kill people that badmouth anything math-related.

You're in 81 different math-related clubs.

You always give your age in seconds since birth to the nearst ten, when ever anyone askes.

You can remember a friend telephone number faster than thier name.

You remember your social security number faster than your name.

Your checkbook is perfectly balanced into the next decade!

You write a 200 page proof of a former conjecture.

Your on the top ten list of best mathematicians.

You carry all 17 of your calculators with you wherever you go.

You can do calculus problems in your sleep.

You could multiply before you could talk.

You learned about binary numbers at age 3!

Your first words were "I want Number Theory!"

You know 100 tricks of divisiblity.

You can solve math problems and sleep at the same time.

You have a comic strip modelled after your life called "Pi-Boy."

Your only friends are Math Club members.

You've out-grown your school's math department.

You can teach the most advanced math class at your school.

You want to legally change your name to a number.



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