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You Know You've Lived Too Long…

Your name has been lost in the sands of time.

Your mother tongue is a dead language.

You've forgotten your mother tongue.

You've had enough time to learn 3000 languages, but unfortunely, only 1000 of them are still spoken.

You're in the guiness book of world records for oldest person alive.

You're the only person who has lived long enough to evolve independently of your species.

You witnessed what killed the dinosaurs.

You've seen three moons in the sky before.

You remember when land was only divided into two continents.

You invented the game of Mankala.

Your great great great great great great great nephews are written about in the book of Genesis.

You were the homo sapien who discovered fire.

Sometimes you visit your old cave to remember your life 10,000 years ago.

You no longer think the being immortal is cool.

You no longer think that 900 is old.

You helped write one of the Vedas.

You've experienced enlightenment.

You don't worry much about losing frineds, because you've learned to recognize them in new incarnations.

You've been wondering for at least 6,000 years: Just what is heaven like anyway?

You were friends with the man who founded Hinduism.

You've read every book ever written up until about the year 1920.

You remember when New Age philosophies were old.

You've changed your name about 2000 times, but you've had your current name since the fall of Rome.

At the Second Coming, you exclaim, "Hey, Jesus! Nice to see you again!"



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Last Updated: 2009-05-02