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You Know You're Psychic When…

You remember your past lives.

You remember other people's past lives.

You finish other people's sentences before they start them.

You always have lucid dreams.

You see auras … but not people.

You wrote the Book of Revelation.

You know where you will in 10 years, not just professionally or financially but in what country, state, city, zip-code, street, address.

You're convinced that Julius Caesar liked you best.

Someone asks you for your number, you give his/her number to him/her; it's the same way with addresses, and social-security numbers.

You learned at least one language in less than 5 minutes while sitting in padmasana in a completely quiet room.

You accessed this web site with your psychic power.

You've annoyed your teachers in the past by saying each and every word in their lecture a split second before they said it.

Half the time when you're prophesying, you don't even realize it.

You recited every word on this page before your read it for the first time.

Whenever the electroencephlograph is hooked up to you, it records only theta and delta waves.

You are always in a state of meditation.

You are out of your body more often then in it.

You've read through the akashic records.

Your prophecy is clearer and truer than that of Nostradame.

You knew that Y2K was not a problem.

You've made billions in the stock market.

You can control the images that appear on a Kirlian photograph of you.

You remember your first poltergiest.

You know what I will add to this page next.



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Last Updated: 2009-05-02