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Constructed Languages

Since 2000, I have been creating constructed languages. In 2002, I realized that I would never finish any of them if I didn't focus on just one or two. So I discarded all but two unfinished languages and focused on Qtwyqp Qly, my first constructed language. After completing it, I created two others, one of which (Intero) an e-quaintance helped me create. These are three of the four that I present here. After creating them, I swore off constructing languages, but it was only a matter of months before I returned to work on Enviel, my then-yet-to-come masterpiece. It would have been a language that encouraged the speaker to speak clearly so as not to be misunderstood, ambiguous, confusing or ignorant of reality and in such a way that discourages violence, but I eventually lost my enthusiasm for the project and it never came to be. However, the project was not entirely a waste of time; when the concept of Essiel occured to me, some of the work that needed to be done for Essiel had already been done with Enviel and thus did not need to be redone.



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Last Updated: 2009-05-02