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You Know You're an Epistemophiliac When…

Only half the things on my "You Know You're a Genius When…" page applied to you.

You made this web page.

Upon seeing the word "epistemophiliac" you rush to your dictionary and refuse to breathe until you determine its meaning.

You have several favorite publishers.

You learn 10 languages in two years.

You would rather learn than breathe or eat.

You were studying algebra at age 5.

While searching for the meaning of life, you meet a person who claims to know it and you become infinitely ticked off at him/her when he/she says it's too complex to explain to a homo sapien.

You've memorized all the works of Shakesphere.

You've memorized the Vedas so you could know what the ancients did.

You know the names and functions of all 330,000,000 Hindu gods.

You wish you understood how your brain works.

The dictionary and encyclopedia are your favorite reading material.

You won $1 million dollars on Who Wants To Be A Millionare without using any lifelines.

You've been in college classes for 30 years now.

You're a amatuer at just about every possible occupation.

If you're not reading, you're in class or on the internet.

You know all about all the religions on earth and if religion mattered to you, you could figure out which one was most correct.

You take a speedreading course so that you can assimilate knowledge faster.

You become extremely irritated, uptight, and stressed out when you don't know where your next book is coming from.

You've exhausted the book supply at the library.

People often acuse you of being a biblioklept, at which time you rush to the nearest dictionary again.

Eventually people start to acuse you of being a legolept as well.



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