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Note that the nature of Ta Ti words is to be ambiguous. This is made necessary by the small size of the total vocabulary. If you want to express something that isn't listed, be creative! "Orange" is "red-yellow", "car" is "box-mobile", and you can think of more! If you need help, see the sample texts or the dictionary.

Ta Ti Word English Source Spanish CognatePart of Speech Meanings
ba box n container, box, bowl, cup, glass, house, home, room, building
mod urban, domestic, household
be beneath n bottom, lower part, under, below, floor, beneath
mod low, lower, bottom, down
bi ability n possibility, ability, power to do things, permission
vi can, may, to be possible
vt to make possible, to enable, to allow, to permit
cont it is possible that
bla black n darkness, shadows
mod black, dark
vt to darken
blu blue mod blue
bubump n bump, nose, hill, mountain, button
da damage dañar n blunder, accident, mistake, destruction, damage, breaking
vi to screw up, to fall apart, to break
vt to screw up, to f*** up, to botch, to ruin, to break, to hurt, to injure, to damage, to spoil, to ruin, to make bad, to worsen, to have a negative effect upon
interj d***! f***!
de desire desear n desire, need, will
mod necessary
vt to want, to need, to wish, to have to, must, will, should
interj please!
di different diferente n difference
mod different
vi to be different, to differ, to change
vt to change, to alter, to modify
cont otherwise, or else
do donate donar n giving, transfer, exchange
vt to give, to put, to send, to place, to release, to emit, to donate
fa far n absence
mod away, absent, missing
vt to throw away, to remove, to get rid of
fai fire fuego n fire, warmth, heat
mod hot, warm, cooked
vt to heat, to warm up, to cook
fe overn high, up, above, top, over, on
mod superior, elevated, religious, formal
fi finish fin n end, tip, death
mod completed, finished, past, done, ago, dead
vi to finish, to close, to end, to die
vt to finish, to close, to end, to turn off, to kill
fla flatn surface
mod horizontal, flat
fle flesh n body, physical state
vi to live
fo photo foto n picture, image
vt to draw, to write
fre fresh mod new, fresh, another, more, clean
vt to renew, to renovate, to freshen, to clean
fri freeze frío n cold
mod cold, uncooked
vt to cool down, to chill, to freeze
fru front n front, chest, torso, face, wall
fu foodn food, meal
vt to eat, to drink, to swallow, to ingest, to consume
ha ha interj ah, ha, uh, oh, ooh, aw, well
sep terminates the effect of hu
he air aire n air, wind, smell, soul
mod air-like, ethereal, gaseous
vi to breathe
hei hey ey interj hey!
sep follows the vocative and precedes the imperative
hi he n she, he, it
mod her, his, its
hoor o conj or
huof sep introduces a modifier which is itself modified by other modifers
je object objeto n thing, something, stuff, anything, object
mod of something
vt to objectify
ji sep introduces a direct object
jo sep introduces a verb for the given subject; it is ommited if immediately following a lone mi, yu, or hi
ju sep follows an adverb of context
kei gamen fun, playing, game, recreation, art, entertainment
mod artful, fun, recreational
vi to play, to have fun
vt to amuse, to entertain
ki keepmod remaining, stationary, permanent, sedentary
vi to stay, to wait, to remain
vt to keep
interj good-bye said to someone who is staying behind
kla glob n semi-solid or squishy substance, e.g. paste, powder, gum, clay
klo clothes n clothing, cloth, fabric
ko commence comenzar n event, happening, chance, arrival, beginning
mod coming, future
vi to come, to become, to arrive, to happen, to pursue actions to arrive to (a certain state), to manage to, to start to
vt to bring about, to summon
kra grand grande n size, greatness
mod big, tall, long, adult, important, more
vt to enlarge, to lengthen
krei crazy mod silly, crazy, foolish, drunk, strange, stupid, weird
vt to drive crazy, to make weird
kri create crear n activity, work, deed, project
mod active, work-related, operating, working
vi to act, to work, to function
vt to do, to make, to build, to create
kro gross n dirt, pollution, garbage, filth
mod dirty, gross, filthy
vt to pollute, to dirty
interj ew! yuck!
kru group grupo n group, community, society, company, people
mod communal, shared, public, of the society
ku colour color n colour, paint
mod colourful
vt to colour, to paint
kwa aqua agua n water, liquid, juice, sauce
vt to water, to wash with water
laland n land, earth, country, (outdoor) area
lai light n sun, light
leleg n leg, foot
lei ladyn woman, female, girl, wife, girlfriend
mod female, feminine, womanly
li leadn head, mind
mod main, leading, in charge
vt to lead, to control, to rule, to steer
lo location localidad n location
mod real, true, existent
vi to be there, to be present, to be real/true, to exist
vt to actualize, to cause manifestation of
prep be (located) in/at/on
luloop n hole, orifice, window, door
ma manual mano n hand, arm
mod five
memechanism mecanismo n tool, device, machine, thing used for a specific purpose
mei male masculino n man, male, husband, boyfriend
mod male, masculine, manly
mi me n I
mod my
mu move movern movement, transportation
mod moving, mobile
vi to go to, to walk, to travel, to move, to leave
vt to move, to displace
prep to, in order to, towards, for, until
conj thus, therefore, so
interj good-bye said to someone who is leaving
na knowledge n knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, understanding
vi to know, to understand, to acknowledge
vt to know, to understand, to know how to
interj acknowledged, aye
ne inner n inside, inner world, centre, stomach
mod inner, internal
nei name nombre n word, name
nianimal animal n animal
no no no n nothing, negation, zero
mod no, not, none, un-
interj no!
nu number número n number, amount, quantity
mod numerical, quantitative, multiple, plural for pronouns
oth -th for ordinal numbers
pa parent padre n parent, mother, father
mod of the parent, parental, maternal, fatherly
vi to be a parent
vt to parent, to sire, to bare
pau power n energy, strength, power
mod energetic, strong, fierce, intense, sure, confident
vt to strengthen, to energize, to empower
peopen vt to open, to turn on
pla plant planta n plant, leaf, herb, tree, wood
plai apply vt to use
prep with
pli please n pleasure, simplicity, positivity, love
mod pleasing, simple, positive, agreeable
vi to be pleased, to be in love
vt to improve, to fix, to repair, to make good, to please
interj thanks! okay! yay!
plu plus conj and
po possess poseer n having
vt to have, to contain
ra erotic erótico n sex, sexuality
mod erotic, sexual
vi to have sex
vt to have sex with, to sleep with, to f***
rau round n circle, wheel, sphere, ball, cycle
mod round, cyclical
vt to circle, to go around
rered rojo mod red
ri origin origen n origin, cause
prep from, because of, since
conj because, since
rorope n long, very thin, floppy thing, e.g. string, rope, hair, thread, cord, chain
sa solid sólido n hard thing, rock, stone, metal, mineral
mod hard, solid, stone-like, made of stone or metal
sai siden side, hip, next to
mod neighbouring
prep in the accompaniment of, with
sau sound n sound, noise, voice
vi to make noise
vt to sound, to ring, to play (an instrument)
se sense sentir n feelings, emotion, heart
vi to feel
vt to feel, to think, to sense, to touch
si see n appearance
mod visual, visually
vi to look, to watch out, to pay attention
vt to see, to look at, to watch, to read
sli sleep n sleep, rest
mod sleeping, of sleep
vi to sleep, to rest
interj good night! just before bed
so sole solamente mod only, sole
conj but
susmurf oth all-purpose word
swi sweet n candy, sweet food
mod sweet, cute, nice, kind
vt to sweeten
interj sweet! cool!
ta talkn language, talking, speech, communication
mod talking, verbal
vi to talk (about), to chat, to communicate
vt to say
interj hello! hi!
tai time tiempo n time, period of time, moment, duration, situation
tei tailn back, rear end, butt, behind
mod back, rear
ti thisn here after a prepositional lo, mu or ri, this one, that one
mod this, that
oth references future sentence or future hi
to total todo n everything, anything, life, the universe
mod all, every, complete, whole
tu two dos n duo, pair
mod two
vt to separate/cut/divide in two
wa one uno n unit, element, particle, part, piece
mod one, a
vt to unite, to make one
wai white n white thing or part, whiteness, lightness
mod white, light (colour)
we wealth n money, material wealth, currency, dollar, capital
mod financial, material, monetary
wei way n way, manner, custom, road, path, doctrine, system, method
prep by (method), as, like
wiwhich oth what, which, wh-, question word
wo war n conflict, disharmony, competition, fight, war, battle, attack, blow, argument, physical or verbal violence
vt to hit, to strike, to attack, to compete against
ya from the Esperanto ja mod also, too, even, indeed, emphasizes the word(s) before it
interj certainly! of course! naturally!
yeyellow mod yellow
yu you n you
mod your

Parts of Speech Abbreviations

n head noun
mod modifier (adjective or adverb)
vt verb, transitive (used with ji)
vi verb, intransitive
prep quasi-preposition
conj conjunction
cont context (word used before ju)
sep separator
oth special, other word

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